Wells Depot Museum

Wells, Minnesota
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Items for Sale

Please contact us at whs@bevcomm.net for the cost of the shipping charges.

                          2015 Calendar                                                Red Wing 5" Picther                            Hand-Drawn Print                                                                  
                  Prosperity, Sickness and War                                Pieces are numbered                                     11x17
                 $10.00 includes tax S/H extra                           $37.50 includes Tx S/H  extra                    $10 inc tx S/H Extra

                        Special on 2006-2013 calendars are now $2.00ea                                         

 Red Wing Butter Crock w/ Lid                                              Red Wing Plate                                                            
Pieces are numbered                                                              Pieces are numbered                                                     
$40.50 includes tax                                                                  $33.00 includes tax                                                     
S/H extra                                                                                  S/H extra                       

        2013 Calendar                                                         2012 Calendar
        Featuring Wells in the 1890$                                  Featuring Early Churches in Wells
      $10.00 includes tax S/H extra                                  $10.00 includes tax S/H extra

2011 Calendar                                                                         2010 Calendar                                                               2009 Calendar
Featuring Serviceman from the                                               2nd in the series featuring pictures                                Featuring pictures of the
Wells area in World War II                                                        of the 1946 tornado                                                      August 17, 1946 tornado
$10.00 includes tax S/H extra                                                  $10.00 includes tax S/H extra                                       $10.00 includes tax
                                                                                                                                                                                        S/H extra                          


2008 Calendar                                                                              2007 Calendar                                                              2006 Calendar 
Featuring pictures of Wells and                                                    Featuring pictures of businesses                                  Featuring pictures of Wells
Wells sport teams                                                                         in Wells in the early 1900's                                            in the early 1900's
$10.00 includes tax S/H extra                                                       $10.00 includes tax S/H extra                                       $10.00 includes tax S/H extra


1903 Depot T-Shirt                                                                        Wells Depot Museum T-Shirt                                         Wells Logo T-Shirt 
CLOSEOUT PRICED                                                                    Adult sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL                                             Youth sizes S-M-L
Adult sizes limited                                                                         $15.00 S/H extra                                                             Adult sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL
$5.00 S/H extra                                                                                                                                                                     Youth $15.00 S/H extra
                                                                                                                                                                                               Adult $18.00 S/H extra

Common Feeling DVD                                                                Wooden Train Whistle                                                        Cheeseboard
$20.00 includes tax                                                                      1 1/2" x 8 1/2"                                                                     7" x 14" Food Safe
S/H extra                                                                                      $6.00 includes tax S/H extra                                              $12.00 includes tax S/H extra


Wooden Magnet                                                                           Stainless Steel Travel Mug                                                Wells Depot Museum Pen                
2 1/4" Round                                                                                 $12.00 includes tax S/H extra                                             $2.00 includes tax S/H extra
$4.00 includes tax S/H extra

Postcards                                                                                Note cards
$1.00 each includes tax S/H extra                                          5 cards w/ envelopes
                                                                                                $5.00 includes tax S/H extra



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